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Hair Transplantation Techniques

Bio FUE Hair Implant

Bio FUE hair transplant is the advanced and improved version of FUE hair transplant, which results better and natural hair growth. The main aim of this latest technology treatment is to supercharge FUE results by combining certain cell-based hair growth factors in the surgical process. The treatment is followed by the same FUE hair transplant process with some modifications that help in making the transplanted area get healed rapidly and the growth of transacted hair better in strength and texture.

What makes Bio-FUE different are the growth factors transplanted into the scalp area. Growth factors are platelet-rich plasmas. The process is a three-step medical treatment in which a person’s blood is drawn, processed, and then injected into the head. It increases the density and quality of original hair. In Bio FUE, doctors infuse regenerative cells into the FUE donor site to ensure continuous growth of the remaining hair. 

The BIO FUE hair transplant is the best treatment if you want healthy growth of your hair follicles. This method also is done in a light procedure with the faster healing process and eliminates possible scars on the head, which are frequently seen in FUE hair transplants.

Why Bio FUE Hair Transplant Technique Better Than FUT Technique?

  • The hair grows in Bio FUE gives you better-textured and highly dense hair.
  • Bio FUE hair transplant concentrates on unit follicle transfers leaves no scars on the scalp. This helps in quick healing and getting results rapidly.
  • Bio FUE is very cost-effective than the FUT, as it does not require maintenance for a long time and leaves long-lasting results.
  • The treatment also boosts the growth of the hair in the surrounding area and make the implant look more natural.
  • Bio FUE hair transplant treatment strengthens the already thinning follicles and revives them with the growth booster dose.

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