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Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation

Male Hair Transplantation

We all lose some hair every day and 60-100 strands in a day are considered to be normal. If the number of strands increases then it results in hair loss. Male hair transplantation is evaluated on the basis of the grade of baldness, the extent and quality of the donor area, the thickness and density of the hair in the recipient area and the results of the hair analysis test. These all factors also decide which type of hair transplantation procedure is most suited for the candidate

Female Hair Transplantation

The pattern of baldness in women is different than men. It may be due to Family history (heredity), or when hair is styled in ways that pull on roots, like tight ponytails, braids, or corn rows or extreme stress or shock to the body like losing a lot of weight, surgeries, illness, and having a baby and also through chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and some frequent medications



Failed Hair Transplantation Repair

The failure of hair transplant is due to technical failure by the surgeon or due to the flop surgical methods. Re correction of a transplant is a challenge, as there is a reduction in the donor area and also hairline design gets affected and scarring is caused due to the method used previously. Dr. Suriya’s Hair Transplant clinic is the best clinic to treat failed hair transplant cases.

Moustache Transplantation

The grafts are extracted from the donor area with FUE technique and implanted in the defect area of mustache. Sometimes total recreation of mustache is required with more number of grafts. Generally parietal and occipital area is suitable. Type of grafts is singles and doubles sometimes multies can also be preferred depending on the quality of hair. You can get completely natural, genuine moustache with good look.

Hairline Reconstruction

Receding hairline problems causes are different in men and women, the medication treatment will also differ in men and women patients.  Receding hairline, which is usually around the temples, and thus very visible. It can be appear due to age, hormonal changes, genetics, drug treatments and stress levels. A FUE hair transplant intervention is often used by patients with receding hair line because it offers long term, permanent and natural results.

Beard Transplantation

Beard has always been essential to men. Beard, an important appearance criterion for men in today’s world.  One of the advantages of beard transplantation is that the beard’s shaping will be done at the planning stage of the beard transplantation. Hair to be transplanted is taken from the back of the person’s head or around the neck and jawbones where the beard is dense, depending on the patient’s condition through FUE method.  Although there is no medical problem related to returning to work after 2-3 days.

Eye Brow Transplant

The loss of hair from the brows may be a temporary problem or one that can be solved by an adjusted diet or by treating an underlying problem.
There is very little downtime required for an eyebrow transplant. Each follicle will be inserted using incisions of a similar size to those made for harvesting, carefully positioned and angled to mimic the growth of a natural eyebrow and lay flat against the skin. These incisions are only 1 or 2 millimetres in size, so won’t require stitches and won’t result in scarring and in some cases, harvesting may be possible without shaving any of the head.

Body Hair Transplantation

When using body hair for implantation on the scalp, we primarily extracts grafts from two areas:


Donor grafts can be extracted from a patient’s beard. Specifically, the extraction area is located under the chin. This leaves minimal evidence of the procedure after the healing period. To avoid scarring this donor area, up to 1000 grafts can be extracted at a time.


In certain cases, donor grafts can also be extracted from the chest area. This process is not painful and is conducted under local anesthesia. Traditionally, this area does not yield a large number of donor grafts and is only used when other donor sites are exhausted. Chest grafts can be used to improve the density on some areas of the scalp.


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